Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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My interest is in the dance, particularly in the art of dance improvisation. I love to know how the body is put together so experiential anatomy can often play a part in my teaching. I have been dancing and exploring embodiment for more than 20 years. I started from a very limited place so I know what is possible if we give ourselves space and time to nurture both our body and our dance. When we actually listen to what is inside we find a movement towards growth and wholeness that leads us quite simply into dance.

I love my life and make my living through teaching dance improvisation and giving body work sessions in Somatic Thai Massage. So my work is about helping people create more possibility  and friendliness in there bodies.

I am 49 years old and share my life and my work with my partner Lee. We often teach our CI and Embodied Presence work together. I am currently sight impaired and have been for much of my life so this plays a significant role in the way my life and work have unfolded. So I have found my way into being a part of Touchdown Dance  there are 5 of us some sighted some less so who practice contact improvisation as our basic movement language together.


Dance is a passion as well as a teacher for me. It has been my way of getting closer to myself and finding a more real sense of myself.

For me within all dance there is the possibility to find the conversation, the meeting point, and the connection both with myself and with others. So much can come from this. How can I interact with you as you are and bring myself. There is always a way to communicate and ultimately of finding that meeting point, here we find depth and excitement and the beauty of connecting.

I work with movement and dance as an enquiry into the present moment.  Fascinated by dance as a metaphor for life I have used enquiries into space and form, connection and relationship, experiential anatomy, somatic movement, Contact Improvisation and self enquiry as vehicles to explore on the dance floor, life, with freshness moment to moment.

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