Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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Exploring the Psoas and its Relationships

My interest is in  inviting you to rest more in your body and feel more support.

The session is about rest and awareness, lengthening and slowly building strength.

The Psoas is a sensitive core muscle - responsive to our nervous system - that is constantly making adjustments to how we experience our environment.  It activates in the fight/flight mechanism, but in our daily life of stressors it can be continuously activated in small ways.

When it becomes tight or imbalanced we can experience it in many ways. As tension in the hips, back, neck and legs.  Digestive issues, reproductive health and emotional challenges can all be effected by the Psoas when it is stressed.

Working with the Psoas, and working in ways that meet the Psoas can ultimately help us find the ground through our legs (and in ourselves!) and feel more settled.



Block 1: 13th January - 10th February. 5 Week Block

Block 2: 24th February - 30th March 5 Week Block

(no class 16th March)


5.45pm - 7.00pm


Room 9, St Werburghs Community Center, Bristol, BS2 9TJ


£50 for a five class pass

£33 for a 3 class pass to be used in a 5 week period.

£12 for a 1 class pass.

MoveGB - search for Lee Bolton - Embodied Presence or Womans Matt Classes - Exploring the Psoas and its relationships.