Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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Inner Landscapes Of Movement

24th February - 30 March - 5 Week Course

(No class 16th March)

Where does your movement originate? Inside our bodies is an intricate universe just waiting for us to discover, immerse and live its life. In these classes we will explore sensing, feeling and finally moving from inside to outside. We will unravel and unwind this mystery we call a body.   

From this body of movement, we incorporate and include a larger enquiry that supports our dance and our lives..... how we taste, and meet, and move each other, in space, immersed in the changing landscape of music and silence.

The fundamental ground of exploration for these classes arises from our interest and enquiry into the fundamentals of our bodies and the nature of presence. Move, dance, explore, express.

The Classes Include:

Classes explore ourselves, our dance in an unfolding inquiry into our nature as human beings.

Each class begins with 30 minutes of your own time to move and to arrive as your body desires held with dj’d music.

Followed by a led dance and movement exploration. Each class will have a focus where we will explore a part of the body, a developmental pattern or a movement principle. We look at anatomical picture, images from nature or read poetic text to inspire our dance explorations.

We Share in a circle or in pairs. Hearing others experiences can validate own own reflection process and lead us towards appreciating ourselves and each other.

This class is for everyone who loves to move. Whether you are a dancer on paper or a dancer in your heart this is a class for you.

Come and be a dancer in your body!!!

“Just the pleasure of moving and the pleasure of using your body is, I think, maybe the main point. And the pleasure of dancing with somebody in an unplanned and spontaneous way, when you’re free to invent and they are free to invent.” - Steve Paxton

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24th February - 30th March

Class time: 

9.45am - 11.30


5 Week Season £55 full price/concessions by arrangement.

£13 dropin.


Dance Space, The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2LE