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Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement


Embodied Presence is an embodied journey of awakening. Dropping what is unnecessary, and living that which is ready to awaken.  

Essentially this is a return home to a natural sense of awareness. We begin by finding a sense of bodily rest. A yes to ourselves and to the world around us.

We explore using dance, body images and sharing in the group. Each dance journey leads you to bring awareness to experience your body from within, whilst offering plenty of opportunities for playfulness, companionship and a less serious take on life. You are invited to follow your own thread whilst being in touch with wider theme of the group.

Inviting you to unfold into vitality, spontaneity and creativity.

Embodiment: We live in a physical body; bone, muscle, blood and breath always in constant motion. More

Presence: Essentially we are an awake awareness.  When this awake-ness is not only aware but participates with our thoughts, emotions and energy we find ourselves at the very center of our lives. More

Heart: The nature of our heart is to experience connection, to open to it  and to close to it. In a natural and fluid way. More

Relatedness: The wish for connection, intimacy and community sits in the center of most of us. More

Movement Themes:

Video and Music by Matthew Adams