Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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Embodied Presence: is a invitation to unfold, reveal and live aspects of you that have become hidden and contracted, to live into the gift that you are. And to celebrate the gift of your particular life, from depth to surface.

Our journey is to  rediscover our whole body through breathing (cellular), to connect to a feeling presence. To awaken this sense gives both space and time, inviting change and unfolding.  We dance hard soft deep light all the colours of our emotional rainbow.

Movement Themes:

Embodiment: We live in a physical body; bone, muscle, blood and breath always in constant motion. We can learn to listen to our senses and our inner impulses to move and be moved by these arisings. We will come to know the pathways of our bones and muscles. The curves, lines, corners of each moving moment. Listen to the bodies wisdom;  that our body knows. The work is to inhabit each cell, each moment and in the end to appreciate and live all that we are.

Presence:  Essentially we are an awake awareness.  When this awakeness is not only aware but participates with our thoughts, emotions and energy we find ourselves at the very center of our lives. We discover a sense of expanded time and space, that we are almost swimming in life rather than running away from it. We discover qualities of resilience, perspective and simplicity.

Heart: The nature of our heart is to experience connection, to open to it and to close to it. In a natural and fluid way. Its gives us the capacity to stay close to our experience even when we close to life. To find courage and compassion for ourselves as we step into life.

Relatedness: The wish for connection, intimacy and community sits in the center of most of us. We offer an invitation to meet ourselves and our own needs on the dance floor and in life, first. So that in finding connection with another we come to them full in ourselves. Then a fine meeting of listening and giving can emerge, full of the mystery of this moment.