Embodied Presence


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Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement


These programmes offer doorways to awakening through the body with movement and dance.

Embodied Presence Foundation - 3 modules in 3 months

Supplementary Foundation Modules - Summer School & Winter Retreats

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What is our frame work of exploration:

  1. Embodiment: ‘Awareness Heals’ Developing an appreciation and awareness of an internal felt sense.

  2. Dance and Movement sessions in the Studio either exploring a theme or movement enquiry, such as moving from center, or simply letting it all be and dancing to music.

  3. Matt Classes with influences from Somatic Yoga, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering and fundamental movement principles, to wake up our senses and drop into our bodies.

  4. Moving out in the Landscape; taking our movement out to meet the land. This magical landscape of Pembrokeshire with strong presence of place offering space for our systems to unravel and land.

  5. Experiential Anatomy: A detailed exploration of the body systems. Each meeting we will explore a different aspect of the body.  Learning simple movement pathways that release energy and create new choices.

  6. Establishing a sitting practice.

Other Benefits:

  1. Personal 1 to 1 Sessions with Lee and Jamus

  2. Personal Dance Practice and Home Study

  3. Peer Support Group

Our Programmes: