Embodied Presence
Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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2 Hour Workshop to develop pelvic health

Women a soft and connected Psoas Muscles can be so  supportive to the health of our pelvis, reproduction, digestion and emotional well being.

My invitation you in the work I offer is to take time to unravel and let the Psoas settle, soften and slowly allow it to unwind.

I offer a whole body perspective in connecting with this deep core muscle that informs our sense of ok-ness in the world and ability to rest in our bodies.

The Psoas can effect us on so many different levels. When it isn't happy we know about it, even if we aren't aware that it's our Psoas shouting out messages from our nervous system, we feel it's effects. Physical sensation and tension sometimes pain, grumbly guts, emotional saturation even simply not feeling really close to ourselves. The Psoas being a part of our fight or flight crew can play a part.

When we begin to take notice, connect and and engage with the Psoas it can offer so many gifts. When it is healthy, well balanced and strong it gives a sense of groundedness, ease and capacity in body, mind and self.

The Workshop
I invite you to this practice of body body awareness, of coming home. 
Dropping in and meeting more of yourself each time you lay on the mat, roll, squat, kneel, stand and flow between.

This is time for you.

In good company I will invite you to get to know your body through meeting your Psoas and it's connections within, and feel how this can ripple out and support you in your life.


WHERE - Eastern Yoga - 46 Greenbank Road, Eastern, Bristol. 

WHEN - Sunday 1st December 

TIME - 3pm - 5pm. 

COST - £20 
Bookings: embodiedpresence@gmail.com

For More Information: Talk to Lee on 07966498596mailto:embodiedpresence@gmail.comshapeimage_9_link_0