Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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Date: 2nd June, Dance Space, Bristol

We can have a tendency in our culture to live from our minds. Strategizing, reliving the past and thinking constantly about future events. Our minds have become the way we orientate ourselves in the world forgetting that we have another more rested and less stressful way of relating to ourselves each other and the world around us.

This workshop is about awakening our body as a center intelligence and learning to reorientate to the world through it.

This Workshop is for:

If you haven't worked with us before this is a good workshop for you to get a sense of what it is we offer. If you have worked with us before this is an opportunity to spend a day moving and exploring in good company.

Using experiential anatomy, movement scores and bringing an interest in presence, is the ground in which we dive into exploring our own movement and this relationship we call life.

Explorations are simply led with space to play with the material in what ever way you are moved to do so.


Sunday 2nd June 2019

Class Time:

11am - 4pm - with a break in the middle


£40/£35 conc - Please Book.


Dance Space, The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2LE

Contact: Lee - 07966498596, Bookings: embodiedpresence@gmail.com