Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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Dates: 21 - 26 August 2020

Preseli Mountains, Wales

Sweet arriving, resting, here..

I feel so deeply at peace in my cells

I belong to this moment

…this meeting, this touch, this place…..

Belonging can not be defined by flavour, mood, emotion or action

.. it is an invitation to let it all be here.

Let life explode forth and overflow with abundance…

…including all the peaks and the troughs.

When we immerse ourselves in the more than human world we remember who we are and the wider community of life we belong too. Each of us has been uniquely shaped by the forces of our lives. Gravity shapes our bones and our body, community shapes our relationships and society has shaped and formed us as individuals. Many of us have grown up in less than ideal situations.

This retreat is and invitation to remember and embrace ourselves.  To take the time we need to saturate ourselves in textures and qualities of being... resting safe, feeling supported, just as we are. 

We arrive where we are in this tapestry we call life, in the relationship of now.

Our bodies know, we come home and inhabit, to indulge to marinade in animal senses of this physical body we call home, to belong in every cell and let our hearts ignite in the expression of life.

We let life live through us, let expression and desire take form.  Tender, gentle, raw, unashamedly ecstatic, alive.

At TyCanol the ancient oak woodlands become our home in location. Crawling over granite boulders, curling around tree trunks, stalking though the undergrowth.  Nature offers so much in this expression; presence, witness and in this summer landscape a riot of life inviting and urging us to be all that we are.

Come along and join us.

This is a journey of connection, so deeply with ourselves we become relationship, meeting, offering and receiving, nourished; Community.

There is a place for you.


Dance and Movement, sessions in the Studio either exploring a theme or movement enquiry, such as moving from center, or simply letting it all be and dancing to music.

Matt Class, with influences of Somatic Yoga, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering and fundamental movement principles, to wake up our senses and drop into our bodies.

Moving out on the Landscape; taking our movement out to meet the land. This is such a magical landscape with strong presence of place offering space for our systems to unravel and land.

Digesting the Work in Good Company. Giving time with each other to allow ourselves to digest the material and offer ourselves nourishment. Bodywork into movement, moving meditation, art space, sharing.

Location and Venue: We will be based at the Canolfan Pentre Ifan a 600-year-old Tudor gatehouse located some 2 miles from Newport, between Fishguard and Cardigan in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The centre is surrounded by the ancient

Tycanol woodland, Castell Henllys iron age hill fort and within walking distance of Pentre Ifan burial chamber.


£350 early bird until 30th June

£385 thereafter

To Pay your £50 deposit and book your place:


Pentre Ifan Urdd Center




More Details:

Please email: embodiedpresence@gmail.com

call Lee: 07966498596


To Book your place please pay a £50 deposit:

Terms & Conditions Apply

The Balance is due 2 weeks prior to the workshop or a payment plan can be arranged by contacting us.

Photo by Jamus Wood

Embodied Presence Summer Retreat