Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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Dates: 4 - 7 June 2020

Location: Gaunts House, Dorset, UK.

Colourfest Festival is a joyful gathering of around 2,000 people, celebrating community and connection with the land. Song, dance, arts and crafts, yoga, live music, meditation, and play blend together without drink or drugs to create a loving and life-affirming space. There will be Spiritual teaching, workshops and ritual, under sun and stars. The Festival is family-friendly and open to everyone, however you practice.


Workshops with Jamus and Lee

The Soft Animal

Thurday Afternoon.

‘You do not have to be good

You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.’

A homage to Mary Oliver

In this workshop we offer an invitation to drop down and into our felt experience of the body. To relinquish the reigns of the mind and allow body intelligence to arise. Moving, resting, dancing emerges from this moment, a feeling presence arises and it is as if grace itself visits us all in our dance.