Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

Embodied Presence

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Dates: 1 - 6 August 2020

Location: Earth Spirit Center, Somerset

An immersive community experience with daytime intensives, workshops and offerings and evening events exploring our relationship to ourselves and each other through movement, art, touch, kink, dance and nature. Led by some of the most experienced teachers in Europe.

Workshops with Jamus and Lee

Passion and Power

‘You do not have to be good

You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.’

Exert by Mary Oliver from Wild Geese

An explosion of desire that wants to collide into the experience we are having. Our lives are a mix of satisfaction of that we are living or have lived and a drivenness to meet unmet qualities inside of ourselves.’

In this workshop we explore the terrain of our animal instinct that wants what it wants with no apology. It wants that object of desire, it wants it now, full bodied no questions until the animal is sated or exhausted.

So we offer an invitation to drop down and into our felt feeling of the body. To relinquish the grip of drivenness and allow body intelligence to arise. Moving, resting, dancing emerges from this moment, a feeling presence arises and it is as if grace is visits us all in our dance. 30 bodies all moving as one greater body, every moment is connected as if we are all part of one larger tapestry.

Then we touch back into our desire, pendulating between the wanting and the feeling state. Can we meet all that is wanted and desired at the same time as receiving the world around us? Taking responsibility for our impulses and our lives. It is said that the animal can only look out, as human beings we look inwards and outwards reflecting on our experiences. Can we be a human being and an animal simultaneously.

This workshop draws from the somatic practices of Contact improvisation, Body Mind Centering and embodied inquiry. Bringing an interest in relating to ourselves, each other and a sense of our place in the whole.

Living from the heart

Our hearts invite us close.

It’s a particular invitation to be in life with what is, intimate with ourselves and each other.

In this journey of coming home what is often surprising over and over is how much we don’t want this level of intimacy. How much we try to get away in both small and big ways from situations, feelings… what ever, that might uncover more intimately who we really are moment to moment, raw and tangled, seemingly shameful, ideas of ourselves.

In this contrasting workshop (to Passion and Power) we will touch into areas that our ‘Animal’ has no interest. It is an invitation to step close to touch and include and take responsibility for being here and showing up in this world. How we impact and are impacted by our actions, our desire, our wants and by just being a human (animal). This is an invitation to stand in vulnerability, rawness and pain and feel here, feel connection, and even be loved, very simply.

This workshop will be rooted in the explorations and practice of embodied consciousness, supported by the use of Body Mind Centering, somatic practice and Contact Improvisation