Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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An Immersive Nature Based Dance Experience

The Workshop:

How would it be to return to your natural state of connectedness, where you are a living and moving piece of nature.

Take a walk along the river, pause, rest  your body on a rock along its bank. Breath in breath out, settle. Take time, take a lot of time just to be. Then slowly slowly begin to move, let your gestures and your movement be shaped by relationships big and small around you. Now you begin to sense what is to be of this place.

In this immersive experience we take enough time to slow down and sink into the land, to become a part of nature, to let our weight, our body and our senses arrive here. Entering into a sense of relationship or a least attending to our sense of distance with the life that is around us.

This workshop will involve walking, moving, sensing and exploring. In many ways it is a return to ourselves as a child where we open to life and spend time finding out and following our sense of things. Sometimes we take time to let the land just hold us, letting our nervous system have a chance to find balance and nurture again. Sometimes we find ourselves wandering from rock to rock following some invisible trace.

This is a journey of return, a return to ourselves, a remembering of how we can relate to nature when we are immersed in river and rock. It is like finding and remembering words of a lost language and discovering what these words taste like in the speaking of them.

Your guides will be Jamus Wood and Lee Bolton from Embodied Presence.

Please bring layers, warm clothes, waterproof tops and bottoms, good shoes, a torch and a drink.


All participants are responsible for their own wellbeing and asked to respect and be kind to each other in their choices.

Max Number - 10 participants


Saturday May 22nd

Time: 10am - 1.30pm

Please arrive at 9.45am for a 10am start.


We will meet at Dartmeet on Dartmoor. From there we will walk and explore two or three sites along the Dart.


£35 per workshop



Travel: Due to the location you will need to either have your own transport or join the day with someone else who you are able to travel.

Helpful Information: This is outdoor, improvised movement, you will be invited to roll on the ground and move over/in/through different terrain - all of this is your own choice and at your own risk. You will not be asked to do anything that will endanger you, however we ask that you explore all invitations within your own abilities - this is your own responsibility. Please wear suitable clothing, that neither restricts you nor inhibits you from exploring in any weather - rain, wind or shine.

Photo by Lee Bolton

3 Outdoor Movement Workshop In The Devon Wilds

Earth Spirit Center, Somerset