Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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The work of Embodied Presence is in essence about relationship and connection. Resting back into the support of your body and allowing awareness to lead and spontaneity to happen.

It is about being awake in the moment and inhabiting your body through a feeling presence so that each moment and movement is fresh, individuated and particular. The journey and exploration is guided through dance and movement for you to take into your life.

Weekly classes are great way to weave embodiment into to your day to day life. We offer sessions in somatic practice, experiential anatomy, movement, and contact improvisation.

Classes, Workshops and Ongoing Trainings

These explorations give more time and space to your personal exploration in movement and of the felt sense. This gives time for the nervous system to settle and for real interest and curiosity to emerge. In our longer workshops and trainings we take these questions out into deep nature connection. Nature can be a powerful mirror and teacher for each of us, often offering what we need.