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Embodied Movement

Mondays 10am - 12pm - Zoom

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Experenial Anatomy

Friday 3.00pm - 4.00pm - Zoom

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Embodiment Journey For Women

November 2020

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Well Being Workshops

November 2020

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photo by  Lee Bolton

Classes & Workshops

Embodiment Journey For Women

5 Sundays over 5 weeks -  15th November - 13th December

A woven tapestry of mat work, dance and movement, meditation, relaxation, spoken enquiry and sharing, we will explore what it is to live more fully in the body that you have.

The Embodiment Journey for Women has been inspired by a year long rolling women's group exploring the Psoas Muscle and its relationship to our health and wellbeing.

The profound dropping into and unfolding of self was inspiring to both witness and be a part of as the Psoas offers many gifts and keys to coming home to the body and self on many levels. Bringing with it a sense of space to mind, body and emotions.

During the initial Lock down I had the opportunity to expand on this exploration and found a lot of resource came working with the Fascia Lines of the body and the Vagus Nerve. Both of these aspects go a long way to supporting the nervous system as a whole and bring a sense of strength and resilience and will join the Psoas work as part of the core exploration in the journey.

In times of difficulty and possibly lower financial resources its wonderful to have your own tool box of ways to meet your body and yourself to keep things running smoothly and feel capable - or more capable when life feels quite tight and unmanageable.

So as Autumn rolls into Winter I offer you the 'Embodiment Journey for Women'. An online journey of coming home to your own body, and being in community. This is a place to be yourself and find resource in the body you have. Through the support of learning, that your body has so much to offer you already, when you just know how to access it.

These sessions have an emphasis on what it is to be in a group of women, supporting each other by sharing their unfolding journeys together.

Sessions will be shaped with those who join in mind and an interest in what is fresh for the group from session to session.

This work will offer something for any woman, whether you have a physically active life and want to add some time for exploration and reflection or you are sheltering in place and want to bring some supportive movement and community to your life.... All are Welcome.


15th November -13th December

Class time: 

5.30pmm - 8pm




On Zoom. 



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