Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement


Online Classes

Embodied Movement

Mondays 10am - 12pm - Zoom

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Bedtime Stories

Tuesday 8.30pm - 9.30pm - Zoom

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Experenial Anatomy

Friday 4.30pm - 5.30pm - Zoom

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Embodiment Journey For Women

January 2020

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photo by  Lee Bolton

Classes & Workshops

Embodiment Journey For Women

5 Sundays over 5 weeks -  14th January - 18th February

This is an online journey of coming home to your own body through body based movement enquiry. A way of getting to know yourself and your body more intimately.

Being in the company of other women with time to share your experience, insight, understanding.

This is a place to be yourself and find resource in the body you have. Learning that your body has so much to offer you already, when you just know how to access it.

Through sharing our own journey we can offer each other so much, this can be empowering and insightful for everyone.

This work I see as an antidote to modern day living of trying to get somewhere, be something and do it all fast. This is about allowing rest and resource, being where you are and not needing to be different to how you are. Through the course of the sessions we will explore body systems and movement enquiry as a way to develop or even marinade in a kind and welcoming relationship with yourself giving you ground (resource) to move through your day to day life.

I welcome you to this space of exploration.

"you (Lee) lovingly share and hold space that goes beyond content. 'Welcoming'....it gives me space, permission and trust....so I find it in myself, find my yes! " Gita, Germany.


Thursdays - beginning 14th January

5:30pm - 7:30pm

Rolling Five Week Blocks

Block 1:

14th January - 18th February (no class on the 21st January)

Investment: £80 (or anything between a generous £90 or discounted £70)

Transfer to: Lee Bolton, sort:30-93-40 acc: 23414568

There are two bursary places for this course - pay from the heart. This means if you are struggling financially and wouldn't be able to join within the above fee, please simply pay what you can. 'Really' what ever that is.

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