Embodied Presence

Awakening Through the Body with Dance and Movement

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Deepening - Ongoing Dance Group

Mondays 9.45am - 11.30 - Bristol

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Exploring The Psoas - Wellbeing For Women

Wednesdays 11.30am -1pm - Bristol

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Upcoming Workshops

Presence - Winter Retreat 2019

Pembroke Hills, West Wales

December 2019

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photo by  Lee Bolton

Classes & Workshops

Presence - Winter Retreat

Dates: December 28 - January 2, Preseli Mountains, Wales

The turning of the year for many of us is a threshold point that we mark as a time to make changes large and small in our lives. Why not spend that time in deep nature connection with the ancient granite carn's and oaks of the TyCanol national park. During winter TyCanol emanates a simple, yet palpable presence. As the trees turn inwards we are invited to come to rest and to participate in the stillness of this old winter landscape. The leaves have fallen away and the trees are revealed in their shape and gesture creating a conversation between earth and sky. We too can let go of that which is to be shed and turn towards the sparks of renewal in our lives. Finding stillness, movement, dance and expression in response to this ancient tapestry of land.

In good company we come together in a relationship of opening and closing of inviting and encouraging life to be explored through these bodies.

This retreat will be an inquiry to come home to this moment.  Exploring through the substance of our bodies the life that flows through us, how this meets another, community and how we are in the landscape at large.


£355 early bird until 11th December

£375 thereafter

To Book and more Details:

Please email: embodiedpresence@gmail.com

Call Lee: 07966498596